Don’t miss your opportunity at a Trophy Axis Buck Hunt or a 200+ inch Whitetail Buck from Triple A Outfitters.  Entering is simple.  All you have to do is buy a $40 square for the Axis Board or a $100 square for the Whitetail Buck Board.  The winner is the person who has the correct final score from this year’s Super Bowl between the AFC Champion and NFC Champion set for February 2, 2020.  Once we have the boards filled completely up, we will randomly draw squares.  The winner of each board will be posted after the completion of the Super Bowl.

Once all squares are gone for a board, each entry will randomly be assigned a square.  After that, each square and column will be assigned a number, 0-9.  

How to enter:

1.  Visit our website at this link www.tripleaoutfitters.com/shop.  There you can make a secure payment via paypal.  You can purchase more than one square.  

2.  Please make sure you include phone number and email address when checking out.  

If you have questions, please send us Facebook message.  You will not be entered and put on the board until payment is made.  Winners will be contacted and winners will be responsible for any fees associated with Texas Hunting Licenses.  All entries are final and are no refundable.  

NOTE:  If more squares are purchased than what we have allotted, those people will be contacted and those entries may be refunded.

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